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Experience the difference with Stately Brides


Buying your wedding dress is such an exciting and enjoyable experience.

If you have the luxury of time on your side, use it wisely. Many brides are very surprised to learn that some wedding dresses can take around 4-6 months to arrive! Wedding dresses are items of beauty and it’s so important you take the time to appreciate the detailing, quality and finish of each dress.

At Stately Brides I offer the luxury of buying your wedding dress directly from the rail in the boutique. The benefit of this is that you don’t have to wait for your dress to be delivered and there is always a saving on the price. However, should you wish to order a brand new wedding dress that’s no problem either.

Exclusive Personal Appointments

I am committed to providing each bride with first class customer service with an exclusive and memorable experience. I allow only one bridal party in the boutique at any one time to ensure exclusivity and a calm and relaxing place to make special memories. Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most special experiences of every brides life.

Wedding Dress Delivery

Delivery of your Stately Brides wedding dress to your chosen wedding location is one of the special touches that I offer. This completely takes away any stress of the wedding dress collection. I personally steam your dress before the wedding and deliver to whichever location you require at a time that suits you.

Dressing on your Wedding Day

Dressing a bride on her wedding day is something I consider to be very special. Sharing special moments on the morning of the wedding with any bride is an honour and something that I absolutely love doing.

This exclusive service is available to all ‘Stately Brides’. I close the boutique and personally attend to dress the bride which means the entire bridal party can relax knowing that the wedding dress is taken care of. The bride knows she will look incredible and everyone can enjoy the special day.

Professional Cleaning & Gift Boxing

After your special day I can take care of the cleaning and gift boxing of any wedding dress. I send your dress to a professional specialist wedding dress dry cleaner and they lovingly clean your dress.

Once your wedding dress is returned back to me I gift wrap your wedding dress into one of my luxury storage gift boxes. These boxes are strong and are covered in a material to add that special touch and look like designer luggage.

Each dress is wrapped carefully in acid free tissue paper to prevent future discolouration over the years. They are a beautiful addition to a room or a stylish storage option.

Wedding Dress Gift Box

Some brides prefer to simply store their wedding dress in one of my storage gift boxes and not have the dress cleaned. This is a purely personal decision, the choice it all yours.