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Enjoy your experience…


Give yourself as much time as possible!

If you have the luxury of time, use it wisely. Give yourself

plenty of time to choose your wedding dress and book your

bridal consultation as soon as you feel ready to

buy your wedding dress. Most designers state that

delivery of any dress is 20 weeks!




Set yourself a realistic budget


Setting yourself a budget and sticking to one that

you are happy with, will ensure that whatever dress

you decide to buy you will feel pleased that you have not overspent.

As well as ordering a brand new dress, we also

offer the luxury of buying your wedding dress directly

from the rail. This is fantastic as there is no waiting

for your dress to be delivered and there’s always

a fantastic saving on the price.




Bring the people that matter the most


When finding your perfect wedding dress, we believe,

it’s important not to have too many opinions.

The people who care about you the most will be

sympathetic to your feelings and know you inside out.

Our luxurious seating area will comfortably

seat 4 people, but that doesn’t mean you have

to fill all of those seats. Choose wisely…



Don’t put too much pressure on yourself


TV programmes and films can often give brides a false

sense of how they should feel when choosing a wedding dress.

It’s not always like that and you shouldn’t feel a pressure

to cry or be overjoyed. Just be you and find your wedding

dress in your won way and in your own time.

When you know, you know!