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The luxury of time

When you have the luxury of time, use it wisely. Many brides are very surprised to learn that some wedding dresses can take around 16 – 20 weeks to arrive!


Plan your appointment

Book your bridal appointment for a date that you feel ready to buy your wedding dress. It’s a super exciting time for any bride however looking too early can often lead to disappointment if wedding dresses are discontinued.


Off the rail dresses  

As well as ordering a brand new dress, I offer the luxury of buying your wedding dress directly from the rail. This is fantastic as there is no waiting for your dress to be delivered and there’s always a fantastic saving on the price.



With designers such as Justin Alexander, Ronald Joyce, Sincerity, Victoria Jane, Lillian West and Adore who offer us the latest designs from all over the world, it is no wonder we have helped so many brides find their wedding dress.

Exclusive Personal Appointments

I provide each bride with first class customer service and a memorable experience.

There is only ever one bridal party in the boutique to ensure exclusivity and a calm and relaxing place to make special memories.

With a 90min appointment you can relax knowing there is plenty of time.

Wedding Dress Delivery

Your wedding dress is steamed and personally delivered to any location at a time that suits you.


Dressing on your Wedding Day

This bespoke service is very popular. I personally attend to dress the bride which means the bridal party can relax knowing the wedding dress is taken care of.

Professional Cleaning & Gift Boxing

After your wedding day I take care of cleaning and gift boxing your wedding dress. It’s professionally cleaned and I finish off by gift wrapping in a luxury gift box.


 Wedding Dress Gift Box

Some brides prefer to simply store their wedding dress in one of our gift boxes.

Gift boxes are a beautiful addition to a room and are a stylish storage option.