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Your Bridal Experience


Give yourself time – Give yourself as much time as you can to choose your wedding dress. Delivery of most dresses is 16-20 weeks, although I offer an ‘off the rail’ option where every dress is available to take away with you during your appointment.


Set yourself a budget – Setting a budget will ensure that you are happy and confident when you find and say yes to your perfect dress. It always helps to let me know, in advance, about any budgets or requirements before your appointment too.


Bring the people that matter the most – I believe, it’s important not to have too many opinions. Our small seating area will comfortably seat 4 of your favourite people, that doesn’t mean you have to fill all of those seats though. Choose wisely…


Wear nude underwear – I will prepare you now, its possible that you will need to remove your bra ladies, as these dresses have the most incredible structure. If you have any, it’s best to wear nude coloured underwear rather than white.


Don’t put pressure on yourself – Just be yourself and you will find your wedding dress easily. I am here to help you throughout the entire process.

When you know, you know! Trust the process and enjoy!